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Our Cast Iron Guarantee.



By using our unique Inventory system, we are able to produce robust, high quality, written and photographic Inventories that you can rely upon, and subject to our Terms and Conditions and disclaimer we are prepared to offer a discretional guarantee subject to the following.


1. You or us have carried out an on-site Check-In with your tenant(s) and have ensured that he/she/they sign or initial (as required) all pages of the Inventory document and that any handwritten comments made by the tenant(s) are recorded on both their and your copies of the Inventory and that you sign both copies agreeing to the tenant comments.


2. You ensure that all changes to the property specification during the lifetime of the tenancy are recorded on the appropriate “Amendments to Inventory Condition sheet during the lifetime of the Tenancy" form (provided by us with your Inventory), which must be signed by all tenants and by you.


3. You must send the tenant(s) a “Guidance Notes for Tenants at the end of a Tenancy Term” letter, (provided by us with your Inventory or down load from our website) and ensure that you obtain a Proof of Posting.


4. WE MUST attend the Check-Out appointment with or without the tenant(s) on a date/time that is mutually agreed between us so we can accurately record any damage issues on our Check-Out Report, taking into account any tenant comments made at Check-In and, in accordance with (2) above, any amendments made during the lifetime of the tenancy, and We will send you an updated inventory absolutely FREE with new photos, etc.

Then, in the event there is a Dispute between Landlord/Agent and the Tenant(s), providing you have adhered to the above and any reasonable claim you make against the tenant’s Deposit is rejected, either by the Courts or by a Deposit Protection Adjudicator, because they (the Courts or the Adjudicator) consider that the Inventory was insufficient to evidence your tenant’s responsibility for the damage, then at our discretion, we will meet the reasonable costs of such a claim.


“You/your” meaning Landlord/Agent.

“We/us” meaning HomeCall inventories.





Guidance Notes for you our Tenant/s at the end of your Tenancy Term





Dear Tenant/s.


Now that a date for the termination of your tenancy has been agreed, I/we will need to attend to complete a Check-Out report. I/we will attend the property on xx/ xx/20xx at xx:xx  hrs in order to carry out the Check-Out report.


If the above-mentioned appointment date or time is not practical for you, please contact me/us immediately, offering an alternative which I/we will do my/our best to comply with. Please contact me/us on (01XXX) XXXXXX or email [email protected]/com

In the event of delays on the day a charge may be made to your account for this waiting time. This is not charged by us but by HomeCall Inventories for their waiting time.


The Inventory that you signed and agreed at the start of the tenancy will be checked at the Check-Out and any variances, discrepancies or damages will be noted. You will be held responsible for any damaged or missing items, over and above reasonable Fair Wear and Tear and, for the avoidance of doubt, this includes the cost of  proper cleaning of the property,  if you have not done so.


The following is intended to assist you in preparing the property for the Check-Out. To avoid unnecessary costs being lodged against you, it is advisable that you read these notes and take the appropriate action:


Ensure that you remove all your items and that you clean the property thoroughly, so that it is in a good clean condition at Check-Out All woodwork, skirting, dado and picture rails, shelves, cabinets etc., should be wiped-down and/or polished All walls and ceilings should be dusted and wiped over where necessary Carpets should be vacuumed and, if required in your AST agreement, professionally shampooedAll kitchen equipment, including cookers, hobs, microwaves, ovens, toasters etc., should be thoroughly cleaned and should be free of grease and residue All kitchen cupboards and worktops should be emptied and wiped downBathrooms and toilets should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped down All light bulbs should be in working order Any picture hooks, nails etc., installed by you should be removed and the walls made good, including filling and repainting if agreed between you and your agent or landlord Gardens should be left in a well-maintained condition, lawns cut, beds weeded etc. You should leave us, the agent or landlord a note of your forwarding address.



Yours sincerely.




Cast Iron Guarantee T&C's

Cast Iron Guarantee T&C's

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