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We're passionate about our services, and are confident that our reports are much more detailed, in depth and invaluable for helping you ensure your property is in sound, safe condition.


An Inventory Report is a very important document that may need to be relied upon as evidence in the event of a dispute between a tenant and landlord or their agent, and may be liable to the scrutiny of a Court of Law. The report is referred to at the end of the tenancy to assess any items of cleanliness and damage for which the tenant may be responsible for and will be checked against the check-out report. So it is very important that Landlord, Letting Agent, or the individual instructed to carry out the report is fully aware of this FACT.




HomeCall Inventories offer the following Inventory related services:




Full Inventory Report

An itemized detailed report using the latest technology listing the entire contents, fixtures and fittings of the property including all meter readings prior to tenancy commencement. The report will also be accompanied by digital still pictures depicting each room where necessary, examples of items damage, ware and tare to fixtures & fittings as well as a report on the overall conditions on all of the above. We go alot further than this, contact us and we will explain more.



Check In

Working in conjunction with Agent / Landlord and Tenant we provide a hand held walk through with tenants confirming everything. No stone is left unturned. When we leave we want the tenants to feel like they have lived in the property already. No here’s your keys MR. & Mrs. Tennant, good bye now.



Check Out

Working in conjunction with all parties, we will use the inventory created at the start of the tenancy to compare the condition of the property at the time the tenant vacates. We will carry out a comprehensive report highlighting in detail any noted differences to the condition of the property and indicate whether the differences need to be “made good” or are of a result of “fair wear & tear”, (See Fair wear and tear section), or need to be “cleaned” or are a result of “maintenance issues”.


When the tenant is present for the check out, we will highlight any areas that may affect the return of their deposit. If the tenant is not present, we will endeavor to have the report sent to the agent or landlord and tenant within 24 hours. This will vary depending on the condition of the property.  We will complete a check out declaration, take a forwarding address, record final meter readings, take the keys and return them to the Agent or Landlord. And, of course, we make sure the property is safe and secure before leaving.



Interim Checks

We can conduct periodic checks during various stages of the tenancy to ensure the condition of the property and contents are kept to a high standard and or at least equal to that documented in the initial inventory report. Because of our background we will report back to the Agent or Landlord itemizing anything that should be investigated sooner rather than later, as inventory clerks with a building background we will notice things other wont. We can draw this to your attention saving you valuable time and money.  

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